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History of Mattracks

Mattracks is the result of the imagination of our founder's 11 year old son. After drawing a picture of a large truck with tracks instead of tires he asked his dad, "Could we make something like this?" After several years of engineering and prototypes, Mr. Brazier gained a patent and Mattracks were released for sale to the public in 1994. Mattracks have been sold worldwide, on every continent.

The Mattracks rubber track conversion system has evolved from the original production model to a product line that can provide a dependable track conversion system to fit many different applications.

Over the past years Mattracks have gained popularity in many industries, proving themselves time and time again as a cost effective solution for mobility over some of the worlds most extreme terrain.

Mattracks world headquarters are located in Karlstad, Minnesota. Karlstad is home to approximately 900 people and is located in the southeast corner of Kittson County at the junction of U.S. Highway 59 and Minnesota State Highway 11.


88 Series Line Drawing

Mattracks engineering takes advantage of the many resources available to design, test and prototype each part that goes into the quality products manufactured at Mattracks.

Our CAD/CAM system allows us to go from print to prototyping, to quality production components in minutes. Manufactured parts produced by our precision fabricating equipment are routinely checked by engineering personnel to assure close tolerances and quality throughout the production process.

Mattracks uses the latest CAD/CAM systems and both static and Finite stress analyses software to be assured that all its products meet or exceed its customer requirements.

Along with product design and development, Mattracks engineers, designs and builds their own equipment and machines used for production and track molding.


Mattracks has several facilities in Karlstad, Minnesota, one facility a 100,000 square foot manufacturing and office building, a second 60,000 square foot building was recently acquired to accommodate expansion and a product testing site.

Truck Track Shipment

Rubber Track Molding

One unique aspect of Mattracks is that it is one of only a few manufacturers who operate their own rubber track production department. Mattracks in-house track molding facility provides Mattracks with the ability to produces all the track treads needed for the complete Mattracks track conversion system line.

The rubber tracks used with our track systems need to work under a wide range of climate conditions, rubber material formulations are required to meet those demands. With Mattracks handling their own rubber track production in-house, track engineering, manufacturing and quality control can be closely monitored. Mattracks strives to produce tracks that operate efficiently on our track conversion systems.

Rubber Track Molding


The main factory is home to both traditional and state of the art metal fabrication equipment, including precision machining and materials cutting equipment, this gives Mattracks tremendous metal fabrication capabilities.

Precision Machining


Multiple assembly lines are set up to allow for quick change over, allowing us to shift production resources to meet specific product demands. Always working to maintain efficiencies and quality to control costs and produce the best product we can.

Our production staff takes a lot of pride in the products that they produce, we think that's important when it comes to the customer who uses our product and has come to depend on Mattracks reliability.

ATV Track Assembly Line


Mattracks marketing operates a fully functioning in-house advertising agency and graphic design department, complete with non-linear digital video production facilities.

The department is responsible for all aspects of graphic design, brochures, manuals, product labeling, print advertising, photography, video production and website design and development.

Worldwide Sales

Mattracks are sold worldwide, in over 100 countries and are used on all types of terrain, climates and many industries.

Worldwide Sales



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